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Andrew Mccoll


BJJ Black Belt

     Professor Andrew received his black belt from Toronto BJJ head instructor, Jorge Britto, and has trained under some of the world's best, including Marcelo Garcia, Royce Gracie, and The Mendes Brothers. And while pursuing his degree in psychology, he was also a member of York Lions varsity wrestling team, where he received the CIS All-Canadian Academic Award for his excellence in both athletics and academics. 

     Andrew is deeply immersed in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community and has been a referee for world class tournament organizations, such as the OJA, OGA, Abu Dhabi Pro, and Grappling Industries. 

     Andrew uses his well rounded knowledge of athletics, grappling, and psychology to accommodate the needs of each individual student. He recognizes that every person has different abilities, goals, and interests and he strives to promote healthy and positive lifestyles to everyone around him.

Jake smith


BJJ Black Belt and Judo Black Belt

     Jake has been training martial arts close to 20 years. He started Judo in 1999 under Goki Uemura and is currently a 2nd degree black belt (Nidan). His BJJ career began in 2012 under Andrew McColl and he has since received his black belt from King Kong Jiu Jitsu/Jiu Jitsu for Life Team. 

     Jake has several years of experience teaching Judo, including kids and adults programs, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is a certified NCCP level 2 coach. His Judo background combined with new school Brazilian Jiu Jitsu creates a complete style that is explosive, yet precise and technical. 

Jesse Morris


Head Kids Instructor and BJJ Purple Belt

     Jesse is a purple belt under Andrew McColl and Jiu Jitsu for Life Team and a well rounded martial artist with a background in boxing and muai thai. He is an avid competitor and has won gold at several tournaments, including the Buffalo classic, and has trained with top jiu jitsu athletes, such as the Miyao Brothers and Murillo Santana. 

     His charisma, attention to safety, and technical knowledge make him an exceptional kids instructor. 

     Jesse and the the teaching staff at Brampton BJJ have designed a beginner kids program which incorporates games that teach children BJJ specific movements in a fun environment, along with fundamental , yet effective, self-defence techniques. 

    Jesse strives to provide a safe and engaging environment where every child feels welcome. Our program helps kids develop a healthy work ethic, leadership skills, and confidence. 



Assistant Instructor and BJJ Blue Belt



Assistant Instructor and BJJ Purple Belt/Judo Black Belt



Assistant Instructor and BJJ Blue Belt

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